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Discover six simple ways to increase your metabolism and burn calories faster.

How can you get your pre-pregnancy body back? Breastfeeding has more benefits than just good nutrition for your baby. Learn more about how breastfeeding can help your weight.

Cellulite is often referred to as a special sort of fat - but is it really any different to regular fat?

You can control yourself on Christmas day - but what about the day after? Is a weight control disaster lurking in your leftovers? Be prepared!

Fast-food outlets or roadhouse counters aren't your only options when you're on the road. Check out these healthier alternatives.

We all like to eat out from time to time - but it can be tricky to do this while sticking to your weight loss goals. Try these tips for healthy ways to eat out confidentally!

Easter can seem like a tricky time to stick to your weight-control goals. Follow our tips and enjoy Easter without expanding your waistline!

Tracking your calories is important when you're aiming to lose weight. But how do you balance your eating and exercising to make sure you're getting the right number of calories overall?

Why do we eat more when we could eat less? It’s not just an overactive appetite – portion size also plays a part. Learn how to avoid portion distortion here.

Our helpful guide gives you some practical strategies for dealing with Valentine's Day, so you can enjoy a dreamy date without damaging your waistline! Useful tips for special occasions at any time of the year.

Finding the balance between too little and too much weight gain during pregnancy is a challenge. If you're pregnant or considering pregnancy, this article is for you!

Christmas weight gain is not inevitable. Learn how to avoid it here.

If you live by yourself and think that preparing healthy, tasty meals is just too hard, read on to learn some practical tips for preparing meals for one.

Do your emotions go up and down with the readings on your scales? Do you weigh yourself every day? Find out the facts on weighing and learn some additional ways to measure your success.

It's no secret that many of us allow our moods to be determined by a number on the bathroom scales. But do your scales lie?

Knowledge is power - knowing exactly what each bite contains is vital to being able to control your weight sensibly and sustainably.

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